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Season 1: A Heart That Was Never Known, Chapter 1

Rosalie hurried to her feet, and bended politely.

-”I’m Rosalie, Rosalie Xie at your service Sir. I’m terribly sorry sir, what can I do to repay you?”

She smiled at him. He really was a beautiful man. Wearing nothing on is upper body, beside a rather torn cape. Black pants that must have been his for ages, and never once washed. A lot of chains. Around his neck, and on his big war gloves. His hair was white, and rather messed. But it suited him.  She offered a hand to help him up. He didn’t take her hand. He just looked at her, and kept sitting on the ground.

- ”Well… you ruined my lunch…” He kind of muttered, and looked at bit annoyed at her arm. His sandwich had splattered all over her arm.

-”Oh.. I see.. What is a fine sir like you doing in these dark forests? Looking for someone perhaps?”

She kept on smiling, trying to as polite as possible. And not reveal her secret. Igby kept searching for something that could be dangerous about her. He couldn’t come up with nothing but the massive twin blade on her back. She weren’t wearing many clothes, considering the temperature of the forest. She weren’t wearing shoes either, just bandages. Her top only covered what was necessary. Her pant was ripped apart at many places, and she had many scars on her body. Her hair was shining white, and her face was warm. Under all the scratches and dirt and scars, she was beautiful…

-”I’m looking for business”, he finally said. ”Any monsters or demons anyone would pay me to kill?”

 She shivered as the word ‘demon’ slipped through his lips

-”Not that I know of…” She answered. ”But there’s an Inn pretty close to here, I can take you there? Perhaps someone there has business u can take care of, and you can get lunch”

-‘’I guess so…’’ he answered. She once again offered him a hand to get up. He didn’t take it though; he found it odd that she offered her help to a stranger, so he got up himself. She wondered why he didn’t want to take her hand, but it wasn’t something she thought about more.
-‘’Will you lead the way?’’ He asked trying not to look at her.
-‘’This way down the hill, in the clearing’’ She started to walk, and he followed, grabbing his bag on the way down. He couldn’t seem to keep his eyes of her, even if he tried. She looked at him.
-‘’I don’t think I cached your name sir?’’
-‘’Its Igby.. Demon lord Igby.’’ She thought to herself. ‘’Demon lord, what is that exactly?’’
-‘’That’s the tittle of those who can be overlords, but decides not to. You do know what an overlord is, right?’’ He looked at her as if he were talking to a child. She blushed and looked down.
-‘’Well, I’m not entirely sure…’’ He sighed and replied; ‘’It’s the ruler of a netherworld…’’ He says trying to sound annoyed, but he enjoyed talking to her for some reason. ‘’Meaning that they have control of all the demons in the netherworld they control,’’
-‘’Oh… that makes sense!’’ She smiled and did a twirl. ‘’Lovely weather, isn’t it?’’
-‘’ …Yeah, my kind of weather…’’ He replied. He really enjoyed the weather. She did another turn. ‘’This forest though… reminds me of something. A memory long forgotten…’’ He looked at her wondering what the hell she was saying. She looked up as she sighed; ‘’The forest of Azra. Where my parents were killed.’’
-‘’Oh… bummer..’’ He was not sure how to reply. But for some reason he felt bad for her. ‘’Shall we go on?’’ He said wondering how far they were.
-‘’Where walking, aren’t we?’’ Suddenly she stopped in the middle of the empty clearing. It wasn’t much of a clearing though. Only a very few lines of the sunlight floated down upon the knee high grass. ‘’Were here,’’ she smiled and looked at him.
-‘’But there’s nothing here, you know that right?’’ He looked around, and then at her. ‘’To the untrained eye, there may be nothing to see, but if you know what you can’t see…’’ She pulled her twin blade from her back, and started to swing around in the air.
-‘’What are you …’’ He went silent as he realized what she was doing. She pointed her blade straight in the air, and pulled it down, as if she was slicing the air open. A flash, and suddenly they heard the laughter and felt the atmosphere that comes from an Inn.
-‘’How did you do that?’’  He stood wide eyed. ‘’Magic,’’ she answered briefly. ‘’Magic…’’ he muttered to himself. ‘’Of course…’’

He followed her into the Inn. The Inn was full of weird and funny creatures. Goblins, wolfs, trolls, elves, orcs, fairies, you name it. All of them in peace, laughing and possibly a bit tipsy. Rosalie walked up to the bar and sat down. She looked at the goblin behind the counter, and called at him;
-‘’Growa, bring us some of your famous chili, will you? My share.’’ She looked at Igby as he sat next to her. She grabbed the meals as Growa threw them across the desk. Rosalie passed a meal to Igby, and he looked at it with wide eyes.
-‘’There you go, eat.’’ She said, and he replied; ‘’What is that? And what is HE?’’ He looked at the food, and then at Growa. Growa muttered to himself and then gave Igby a rather unpleasant glance.
-‘’Have you never seen a goblin before?’’ She asked surprised. ‘’No, I usually slay demons. I don’t do goblins…’’ He looked at his meal, and carefully took a bite. His eyes widened.
-‘’This is amazing!’’ He hardly took a breath before he had finished the whole thing. ‘’You, green man, bring me more of this!’’ Rosalie looked at him stunned. She felt like punching him for saying such rude things. She looked at Growa and said with embarrassed eyes; ‘’Growa, please bring this nice sir another round. My share…’’ Growa mumbled something not very nice and passed Igby another plate. Igby saw that Rosalie was embarrassed and looked at Growa.
-‘’You know, I kinda live here, so… don’t make him mad…’’ She whispered to Igby.
-‘’Uhm, thank you.. Orwar,’’ Rosalie smiled a weak smile, and Igby smiled back.

-‘’You said you were looking for business?’’ She looked curiously at him. She kept wondering what was under that eye patch of his.
-‘’Yes, defeating monsters is my specialty. Do they have any of those problems here? I mean, they seem to be hiding?’’ She leaned closer to him, and started to whisper. Her eyes searched the room for people who might have been listening. ‘’Well … there is something…’’ He leaned closer to her, as her voice lowered more. ‘’There’s these rumors of this evil lord of some sort…’’ She kept searching the room for people who knew what she had been saying. Growa looked at them, smiled and shouted;
-‘’What a cute new couple we have here, huh!?’’ Rosalie quickly pulled away from Igby and blushed. Igby looked at Growa and said; ‘’No, no! She was just telling me about the ev-‘’ Rosalie cut him off by putting a hand over his mouth. Growa looked suspiciously at Igby, and Igby looked mad and confused at Rosalie. Rosalie rose from her chair, still holding her hand over Igby’s mouth.
-‘’You know Growa, he’s actually a costumer, I’ll take him to my room,’’ Rosalie took Igby’s hand and dragged him up the stairs next to the bar. He looked confused and didn’t seem to understand. Rosalie opened the door to her room, pushed him in up against the wall.
-‘’What are you doing!?’’ Igby said aggressively. He tried to push her away, but couldn’t get himself to do so. ‘’What I am doing?!’’ She quietly yelled, holding his hands on the wall. ‘’I’m trying to protect you! If the goblins ever hear you say one more word of the evil lord your head will end on that wall!’’ She pointed at the nearby wall to her right. She breathed heavily and looked him straight and seriously in the eye. ‘’I… I don’t wanna risk you’re life.’’ She loosened her grip around his hands and looked down. He didn’t reply, and she walked over to the window instead.
-‘’What did you mean by that I was you’re ‘costumer’ by the way? And why did you have to take me to your room, if I was you’re costumer? I mean, what do you need a bed for?’’ He silenced for a short while and she started to blush. He looked at her. ‘’Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…’’ She looked out the window and sighed.
-‘’Is it getting dark already?’’ He looked out the window, and sighed. ‘’Already? I got to go…’’ He walked across the room reaching the door. Rosalie turned around, grabbing his hand. She looked at him with warm eyes, and held tightly on to his hand.
‘’Don’t go,’’ she said with a quiet voice. ‘’I have to, I can’t afford a room here, I can manage sleeping outside.’’ She stepped closer to him, and smiled. ‘’It’s dangerous out there… We can share my room, I get it for free, and I don’t mind sharing a bed… I get so awfully cold at night,’’ He smiled, and walked over to the bed, threw himself at it and took up most of the space.  She smiled. She walked over, and laid on top of him. He blushed, and looked her in the eyes.
-‘’Wha-what are you doing?’’ He said with a shaky voice, wanting to put his hands on her hips, getting himself together to do so. ‘’There’s not a lot of space left, so I don’t mind this.’’ His whole body began to feel warm, and instead of holding her tight, lit a spark with his fingers on her hips by accident. She made a little jump, and they’re heads got closer.
-‘’I’m so sorry.. it never happened before…’’

Igby had never felt like this before. He looked her in the eyes, and his heart began to beat. He moved closer, and so did she. They’re lips touched. One magical second. His heart felt like it was about to pop out of his chest. Such a strange feeling… it was called love.

Rosalie’s heart skipped a beat. So it felt. For the first time in years, she could feel her heartbeat. It was so powerful. Like her heart was about to burst.  He leaned closer to her, and she moved in too. She glanced at his lips, before the second they touched. The time stood still, and she felt like she was floating in the air. Never had she before had the feeling of such a strong love.

To be continued in chapter 2… 

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Season 1: A Heart That Was Never Known, Prologue

(This is the first chapter of the first season of Alex’ & Assie’s online novel: Demon x Angel; A Heart That Was Never known. Its gonna be updated every second Friday, and we really hope You’ll enjoy it! - Lots of hugs, the authors; Alex&Assie <3)

Once upon a time, in a very magical world. It could be our future, or when the earth was just a baby. I don’t know, and neither do you. This is the story of a girl, called Rosalie. And a boy called Igby. Both of them have very special powers. And one thing they have in common is that they’re hearts are damaged, and only true love can repair them…

Rosalie walked through the forest, searching very detail. Suddenly she saw a man walking in the path. A man she had never seen before and she had been around the world. She hurried to hide behind a tree; she didn’t want to be seen. He sat down in front of the tree she was hiding behind. She gasped as he opened his bag. She put her sword on the back, and crawled up the tree. She got halfway, when she grabbed a stick, lost her grip and fell. Fell right down and landed on the man. When she had got her head together after the fall, she looked at him. And my, was he beautiful. He had an eye patch, and the other eye were red. The moment she looked at him, her heart started to beat. A feeling she had never had before. She wanted to know him. Know him better than anyone else.

Igby have just been teleported into a surprisingly dark forest… it’s mostly surprising because it was the middle of the day there. “That darn jester!! Does he have to summon me into a forest, when he knows that I always get lost in those!?” He started to wander for a while when he stopped next to a tree and decided to eat his lunch. He put his bag on the ground and sat against the tree and began to eat his “sandwich”. He heard something that cracked above him and he looked up, only to see a woman in a brief second before she fell on him. She looked him directly in the eyes, she had brown eyes. When he looked at them, he felt a weird feeling. A feeling that he knew and that he despised. But with her the feeling was stronger, and he knew that he wanted to be with her… forever.

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